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FRANCOPA is the French platform dedicated to development, validation, and dissemination of alternative methods in animal testing. It was created on July 6th 2007 at an inaugural meeting at the Ministry of Research. The platform gathers all French partners on the same aim to promote the development of alternative methods for the reducing or the replacement of animal testing, particularly in the development, the evaluation, and control of health products and chemicals.

FRANCOPA is a member of the European platform (European Consensus-Platform for Alternatives).

FRANCOPA is composed of fifteen partners representing governmental institutions, academic research, industry, and nongovernmental organisations for animal care groups.

FRANCOPA first published a state of the art on 3R methods and practices in France (English table), together with recommendations to the French government in 2010. This report was updated in 2016:

GIS report for the Ministry of Research (in French)

Applying and recommendation in international seminar was held on waiving animal testing for regulatory purposes.

FRANCOPA Workshop report - Paris, sept 1st, 2011 - Waiwing animal testing for regulatory purposes

Together with the SFT and the SPTC, FRANCOPA organised a seminar on read-across in Paris, 15th November 2013. A summary and a position letter were subsequently written by FRANCOPA.

Summary of the seminar on read-across (french version)

Position letter on read-across by FRANCOPA

FRANCOPA info-center aims at facilitating the sharing and exchanges of information and opinions among people involved in the development or promotion of alternative methods in animal testing. It is an interactive website with the following sections :
• Database with a searching engine (data from FRANCOPA and associated websites).
• Discussion forum.
• Newsletter, twice a year, related to methodological advances and FRANCOPA actuality.
• Frequently Asked Questions.
• Links to related websites.

with support from
NS3Rs Workshop report now available
"Applying exposure science to increase the utility of non-animal data in efficacy and safety testing" Knowing cell-level exposure will increase the utility of in vitro data.

LASA 3Rs/UFAW Section Meeting
Planning and implementing the 3Rs: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and Threats, South of England

Refinement Prize 2017 (EPAA)
Targeted applicants: laboratory technicians, animal caretakers, animal technologists. Prize grant: 6000€. Deadline for submissions: 8 September 2017

Webinar - Animal Welfare Concepts and assessment
The ESLAV (European Society for Laboratory Animal Veterinarians) is organising a webinar on Animal Welfare Concepts and Assessment.

09/18/2017 - 09/19/2017
International seminar on Cephalopod Molluscs
The Fondazione Guido Bernardini, the COST Action FA1301 CephsInAction and CephRes are organising a seminar on regulations, best-practice and knowledge relevant to cephalopods as laboratory animals at Varese, Italy.

09/25/2017 - 09/26/2017
Conference on Reproducibility of animal studies
co-organised by LAVA, ESLAV and ECLAM, in Edimburgh

11/07/2017 - 11/08/2017
Danish 3R Center Symposium