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FRANCOPA is the French platform dedicated to development, validation, and dissemination of alternative methods in animal testing. It was created on July 6th 2007 at an inaugural meeting at the Ministry of Research. The platform gathers all French partners on the same aim to promote the development of alternative methods for the reducing or the replacement of animal testing, particularly in the development, the evaluation, and control of health products and chemicals. The NC3Rs has published a video on definition and application of the 3Rs (Replace, Reduce, Refine).

FRANCOPA is a member of the European platform (European Consensus-Platform for Alternatives).

FRANCOPA is composed of fifteen partners representing governmental institutions, academic research, industry, and nongovernmental organisations for animal care groups.

FRANCOPA info-center aims at facilitating the sharing and exchanges of information and opinions among people involved in the development or promotion of alternative methods in animal testing. It is an interactive website with the following sections :
• Database with a searching engine (data from FRANCOPA and associated websites).
• Discussion forum.
• Newsletter, twice a year, related to methodological advances and FRANCOPA actuality.
• Frequently Asked Questions.
• Links to related websites.

FRANCOPA Activities

FRANCOPA first published a state of the art on 3R methods and practices in France (table in English), together with recommendations to the French government in 2010. This GIS report for the Ministry of Research (in French) was updated in 2016.

An international workshop was held on waiving animal testing for regulatory purposes , in Paris, 1st September 2011.

Together with the SFT and the SPTC, FRANCOPA organised a seminar on read-across (French version) in Paris, 15th November 2013. A position letter was subsequently written by FRANCOPA.

FRANCOPA also organised a seminar (French version) in Paris on the 20th of June 2017.
Agenda ECOPA 2018

o Opening Keynote : Modeling Human pathogenesis using novel in vitro and in silico methods, R. BAROUKI (INSERM – UMR-S 747)

o Keynote 1: From Organ-on-a-Chip Tools Towards Patients on Chips – Enforcing a Paradigm Shift in Drug Development, U. MARX (TissUse, GmbH)
Oral presentation 1.1 : Prion diseases: toward further reduction of animal experimentation, M. MOUDJOU (INRA)
Oral presentation 1.2 : Drosophila: an alternative model for the modeling of human pathologies and the search for new therapies, H. TRICOIRE (Paris-Diderot University - UMR 8251 Unité BFA)
Oral presentation 1.3 : Genotoxic and carcinogenic potential of 160 mycotoxins in human cells, M. AUDEBERT (INRA, UMR1331 Toxalim)
Oral presentation 1.4 : Zebrafish larva: a reliable alternative of mammalian model to evaluate the impact of environmental contaminants on the mechanisms of liver disease progression, M. IMRAN (INSERM - IRSET -UMR S 1085)

o Keynote 2 : Organoids, organs-on-chip, 3D bioprinting in a 3R context - X. GIDROL (CEA)
Oral presentation 2.1 : Innovative 3D culture model of human hepatocytes with large potential applications , S. LANGOUET-PRIGENT (INSERM - UMR 1085 IRSET)
Oral presentation 2.2: HepatoPearls: New generation of liver-mimicking spheroids, N. DIANAT (CYPRIO)
Oral presentation 2.3: Development of a novel in vitro aerosol exposure system: the independent holistic air-liquid aerosol exposure system (inhales), A. KUCZAJ (Philip Morris International R&D)
Oral presentation 2.4 : Neurospheres for Species-Specific, Medium-Throughput Analyses of Developmental Neurotoxicity (DNT) Evaluation, E. FRITSCHE (IUF - Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine)

o Keynote 3 : Input of proteomic analyses for understanding cellular responses to nanoparticles: toward mechanistic data and evidence for cross-toxic effects - T. RABILLOUD (CEA)
Oral presentation 3.1 : High throughput techniques for a predictive toxicology, R. GRALL (CEA)
Oral presentation 3.2: Role of Persistant Organics Pollutants and adipocytes in the acquisition of a metastatic potential and of chemoresistance in breast cancer, M. KOUAL (INSERM)
Oral presentation 3.3 : Modern science for 3Rs alternative approaches and better quality control of human vaccines, F. MOYSAN (SANOFI PASTEUR)
Oral presentation 3.4 : Development of SENS-IS, an in vitro assay to measure skin sensitization potency of chemicals, H. GROUX (IMMUNOSEARCH)

o Keynote 4: A. TESNIERE (cancelled)
Oral presentation 4.1 : 3R implementation in vetenary education and training, F. STORCK (Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort)
Oral presentation 4.2 : A Framework Program for the Teaching of Alternative Methods (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement) to Animal Experimentation, C. ROVIDA (CAAT)
Oral presentation 4.3 : The 3Rs implementation in FELASA accredited courses, M. KOLF-CLAUW (Veterinary School of Toulouse)

o Keynote 5 : Marrying in vitro and computational approaches to improve drug safety and Efficacy - P. JENNINGS (Vrije University of Amsterdam)
Oral presentation 5.1 : Spatial-temporal MultiScale-multilevel modeling of APAP damage and ITS consequence on ammonia detoxification : Steps towards a virtual Liver , D. DRASDO (INRIA)
Oral presentation 5.2 : OECD activity on alternative methods - Integrated approaches to testing and assessment and the QSAR Toolbox, M. HORIE (OECD)
Oral presentation 5.3 : MERLIN-Expo: a library of multimedia chemical fate models and PBPK models for assessing environmental and human exposure to chemicals under uncertain conditions, P. CIFFROY (EDF)
Oral presentation 5.4 : MechoAs (Mechanism of Action) SAR Model and Skin Sensitization Screening: 3-methoxyphenol, 4-methoxyphenol and 1,4-dimethoxybenzene case study, S. DELANNOY (KREATIS)

o Keynote 6: The future of high content screening for animal-free chemical safety testing - G. SCHOENFELDER (BfR)
Oral presentation 6.1 : France BioImaging, a coordinated Infrastructure for quantitative biological imaging at multiple scales, J. SALAMERO (INBS France BioImaging)
Oral presentation 6.2: Novel approach for label-free live cell imaging by Raman microscopy and application to nanotoxicology, S. DEVINEAU (Paris-Diderot University)
Oral presentation 6.3 : Pre-clinical Imaging: an opportunity to reduce and refine in vivo experimentations, A. LE PAPE (CNRS – CIPA)

o Conclusion:
The need to improve human relevance in biomedical research , F. PISTOLLATO, ECVAM
Converging technologies and innovative testing platforms , C.E. LIMA da CUNHA, EC

Book of abstracts

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Table ronde de l'OPESCT
Francopa a participé à la table ronde de l'OPESCT "Utilisation des animaux en recherche et alternatives à l'expérimentation animale"

14/11/2019 - 15/11/2019
Altertox training
In Vitro Lungs Model, Geneva, CH

14/11/2019 - 15/11/2019
Altertox training
Acute and chronic cardiotoxicity: CiPA (in silico & in vitro) assays

21/11/2019 - 22/11/2019
Altertox training
Skin Sensitization, Trier, D

23/08/2020 - 27/08/2020
10th Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences
3Rs in transition from development to application. The congress will take place in Maastricht.